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30 Rock…

I really love 30 Rock. It’s completely ridiculous with a clever touch of wit.
So without going on about the show, here’s some quotes from the fifth season that I am only now getting to watch:

“Where was your baby conceived?”
“In my vagina…”

“We’re not making our own Meth…? What is happening to American manufacturing!?”

“quit? I never quit anything in my life, I’m still in girl scouts, I have nine thousand badges…”

“I want my daughter to be born in America so she can become president and declare war on Germany, like back when we were awesome.”

“Yes Lemon, my baby is Canadian-American but I will love her as if she was a human baby.”

“How many mister rights does a woman meet? I met three and I blew them all… Opportunities

“Wonderful news non-famousness. My publicist just called from rehab…”

“This is a show about women for women, we should at least reflect women…ahhh, my period!!! You’re all fire!!!

“I support women, I’m like a human bra”

Looking forward to finishing the season…

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Taking Us Back Old School Style…

If there was ever a time you found yourself swimming through deep beats on a dark dance floor back in the early naughties then you were one of those true fans of deep house. And as I sit back and look at all the clubs around me I wonder where is the DEEP house still prevalent?
Maybe it’s because deep house is fairly non existent with new artists of today… Until I stumbled onto The Field with their new album Looping State Of Mind. The album begins with a high toned synth that slowly rolls into a paced bass line carried there by a systematic, stamping beat. And the first track, Is This Power, should hit a nerve when it comes to that old school, deep bass beats that we so love.
The music seems to flow more or less the same from that tone until you are met with the trippy title song, Looping State of Mind, and you are going to love it. It feels like a slow mix of ragga influenced beats that makes you want to lift your knees as you swoop around the room dancing. It will definitely hit that African feel we all love so much without taking it into that crazy, I need to drink a six pack to handle this jungle fever, kinda vibe africanism leaves you with. So, brothers and sisters, take this one in the only way deep house allows you to take it in… Deeply.
Which brings us to the most stunning song of them all. A piano accompanied little gem that is far more emotionally driven with a sense of epic proportion than all the other tracks on offer. It might remind you of some of Moby’s late nineties tracks where the piano and a soft, somber beat dance in perfect unison together. It almost draws a tear as the music reaches out to it’s immediate atmosphere and turns it into one of euphoric perplexities.
The last track… Let’s just say it’s the last track, end of that.
But the entire seven track album is totally worth your while. If you feel the need to see what ever happened to deep house, this is where it went guys. This is it’s development as a genre of music and compared to some other genres from the dance world I am eager to say that the development of deep house is totally like a bottle of wine, aging, maturing and now displaying something very cerebral in an unexpectedly beautiful manner.

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Human rights day for South Africa

Yesterday was Human Rights day for all South Africans. What was once a remembrance of the sixty nine unarmed people that were killed in the 60’s in Sharpeville has somewhat transgressed into a remembrance of all the forced removals that began to take place during that time. Not only were black people removed but Indians, Coloureds and anyone who was not deemed white. So it is fair to share the focus of the turmoil of those times amongst all the area’s that were affected regardless of a shoot out or not.
Now, what would anger me are the headlines: “69 blacks were killed…”. Factually, yes that is the case, but in essence of what a day of remembrance is suppose to evoke from it’s people is a sense of unity and togetherness. However politically motivated lines such as this merely thicken that curtain between them and those. And that is not to say black and white but rather black and every other person living in South Africa. Would it be fair of anyone to say that sixty nine black people were gun downed by Afrikaans police force? Of course the facts may very well support such a statement, but when do the facts leave us disjointed in terms of preventing repeating the entire idea of violating our basic human rights? Separation with words, on paper, is no different from separating people in life.
I, for one, cannot believe that South Africans just gunned down other South Africans because of fear based and irrational hatred for the others skin. I cannot believe that South Africans would gather other South African families and just relocate them to an area far removed from the homes that they had grown to love as their own. And now, I cannot believe that the tone of blame is still so prevalent in speeches delivered by South Africans to South Africans about South Africans. Has the Truth and Reconciliation commission not come to a truth and reconcilement of past events, or are we (especially those born some thirty years after the Land Reformed Act was implemented) suppose to each feel differently about past events in terms of shame, guilt and victimization based on the colour of our skin.
When will that time come when we are all really free to be you and me, to love openly and without past prejudices and most importantly stand together as what we really are… Brothers and sisters of one country, of one amazing place that we all share, cherish and live from?

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Do, do do, do-da, do-da

The bass that bounces from a sexy voice…
An imploding tap that manages to tick tock to the end…
Strings, harp? ding, ding, grrrring, ding
And still that voice is relentlessly bouncing on top of me…
and just as it dissipates into a sort of calm, a sax…the sax
Oh how it moans and groans at me…

Keep Me There – is the title of the song and appropriately so. It’s a song that urges you to hold it, keep it in, like tantric dancing. Don’t let it go, build it up, keep it simmering, don’t ever stop and never ever peak. It’s a really delicious song that encourages you to take a listen over and over again and then recreate a sort of scene in ones head that perfectly reflects exactly how the song makes you feel. For me it’s dancing… Albeit with a strong sexual undercurrent, but since when was dancing not a fluid act that demands sexual undercurrent?

Nicolaas Jaar’s 2011 album Space is Only Noise is worth a listen, but as many lyric-less music it tends to sort of blend together to form a jovial, easy listening sort of album. But Keep Me There is one that stands out and bashes me on my groove spine with a rhythm stick that sends little dancing quivers of sensual vibrations up and down my body. Every nerve is alive with a pent up explosion of dance euphoria.

So check it out.

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A Theory… Number two

We are told each and everyday to be vigilant in our sexual adventures in terms of safety… But how far should be take when we are in a relationship?
The answer is all the way to the damn clinic… Don’t fool yourself in thinking that love means not having to ask that difficult question. And. Understand at times one does not want to know the answer because of that said love…
So, let’s all adopt an attitude that everyone is positive. Everyone has something. And it is your responsibility to find out if they are in fact negative, if you want to know at all. Because tons of guys out there will lie to you. People reject positive people which is why I would imagine someone would lie about it. So if you go in thinking a person is positive already it might just give you a different perspective on how important your health is to you, how much you trust someone and how you actually treat people who are in fact positive.
On a personal note, I dated a man for two years. In that term I would always have blood tests done for good measure – a habit I picked up from varsity. I always came up negative and would tell him with the question “have you been tested”. To which the reply was always yes, and negative. Once the relationship dissipated I found out h e was positive. So at what point did I not take proper responsibility and to what degree was he flat out wrong? On one side it is hard to understand how a man that loves another would put him at risk, yet if the truth was revealed would I have stuck around…?
In the end, I feel it best to assume everyone is pos and it is up to us to work it down from there. and that outlook has given me a new perspective on what I actually do with my body and my heart.

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A Song

Here is a song by Perfume Genius titled All Waters. The song is about two men holding hands in public… But the beginning suggests we are far away from this actually being a reality…

When all waters still
And flowers cover the earth
When all trees stop shivering
And dust settles in the dessert
When I can take your hand
On any crowded street
And hold you close to me
With no hesitating
Oh, I love…

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A theory.

So, back in the day it was illegal to partake in homosexual activities. So for years men have been struggling for their right to love freely. but things like glory holes, cottaging and park cruising is not something new. I’m sure it all really stems from the fact that one had to be completely discreet about it. So men would go to known cruising spots and wait for the next available man. Did they ever say no? Or was it a case of the next guy to give me the eye gets banged? I tend to believe that they were not picky and took whatever came along. Sometimes it was the most fantastic thing ever, other times it was a bigger let down than flocking to see any 3D film.

Now, that sort of callous anonymity has totally left the building. Things are free to be you and me… Or at least in the eyes of the law. But how does the older guys conduct effect our community today?

For one, which I am totally grateful for, it does have a clear line splitting the two generations. And any man born on or before 1980 is part of the older crowd I am talking about.
The second… These guys tend to have a sort of arrogance to the way they flirt at times, and not in that “working it” kind of way. rather they go in, so confident that they are going to get it And when they get turned down they completely flip out as if the man they were hitting on is not allowed a choice. Is it because back in the day there was no such thing as a choice? I’m not saying that older guys are arrogant for thinking they can hit on me, neither am I saying that younger guys think that there is always something better around the corner. What I am saying is, never get upset about being turned down. To the older men That get turned down and completely flip out, deal with it. It’s not all that horrific, it’s just a no. And to the guys that mmm, ahhh and ehhhh, just say no bro, some men can actually handle rejection. No biggie, right?

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The Protagonist

I stumbled onto this documentary called “The Protagonist” by Jessica Yu which I really had no idea what to expect. Without going into research mode and trying to find out more about the film I simply began watching. As it starts out we are introduced to two rather effeminate men so I immediately think it is going to be a gay doccie about battling our own personal demons but as the story moves along we find out that there are four characters. A self hating homosexual, an effeminate boy raised in a non violent home, a soft boy raised in a violent home and a boy who develops into a violent political guerilla.
Now the interesting point is that they are all very different people but there emotional connections to the choices they made in their own personal steps of life are identical. Son what I really enjoyed about this was the deeper look into us as men and what drives us to be what we want to be in the eyes of other men.
If you follow the men’s stories you will find how some facts contribute to two men (at least, sometimes all four) making a decision based on that fact, only different choices with different effects yet the same outcome. For instance, the homosexual man and the man that stabs his father in the neck (the soft boy in a violent home), both men are raised under strict religious conditions. The homosexual turns to God to “cure” his homosexuality and the other man turns away from God as he battles the idea of feeling good about defending himself and stabbing his father. The effect, they both become very destructive to people around them. The one trying to convince other gays they are sinners and the other terrorizing people in bank robberies. The end, they were both torturing themselves.
If you get the chance to watch this, go for it.

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Pride… The Party… Second Part

As the march came to an end the crowd made there way to the village which had now been cornered off, essentially creating this W-shape in which to party in. With a stage at each end there was plenty of entertainment to go around however there did seem to be a rehash of themes throughout where in fact I wondered how entertaining lip syncing really is, personally.
But there are three artists worth mentioning that all seem to follow the same path… Mary Scary, Odidiva and Princess Pop. They follow the same path in the sense that all three characters are so well developed in who they are, where they are from and what they are all about. Add to that their performances are riddled with humor,satire and down right bitchiness.
Mary Scary is a pseudo lesbian rocker and as much as I am becoming a groupie I would still like to see her rock out a little more than she says she does. Skip the Pink and give us some real rock… And that’s just because I know she will rock my pants off! However, I still feel that Mary’s true gem in her performance lies in the ability to Suss the crowd and be an actual full on witty comedian. The song feels like the interlude, then she looks at you and tells you to fuck off – love her!
Odidiva is… Was, a self proclaimed diva but having watched her grow as an artist over the years and cumulating to this absolutely steller performance on Pride was amazing and she had earned her right to be crowned, not only a diva but The Diva. Managing to pull a few Whitney moments to the crowds pleasure of course. It was by far the best performance of the day.
Princess Pop is so over the top in a great way and I feel a kinda familiararity when I watch a performance. She is a Sandton koo down to the last drop. pop will never be enjoyable for me but I will take a good laugh wherever I can get it. Congrats ladies on some awesome stuff.

As for the festival on a whole… There was something capitalistic about it which I don’t mind because if we can put together better Prides then the more tourists will come. And pink money is good money. But with that capitalistic attitude comes certain expectations which are never really met. Maybe the organizers should go to a large scale festival like Rocking the Daisies or even something small like The Village and see what it means to put on a show. On the other hand it is the first Pride festival I have been to in Cape Town that was that good – I guess I just want to always aim for improvement than contentment. It was still a good one… However I will not compare it to a Johannesburgh Pride.

Looking forward to many more prides to come in the Mother City.

Pride… the march… Part I

First the actual march – as this is the real point to the day, and although I was shocked not to see many familiar faces (where are those gays of the village?) I was somewhat mollified when I realised how big the community is passed the Atlantic Seaboard Suburb and add to that how many gay friendly supporters were there.  And I still cant believe that so many homo’s sit at home while straights are taking up the task of marching for our right to be gay and love freely.  So as far as pride is concerned, I was only embarrassed for how many Cape Tonians from the Seaboard actually participated… although you can be sure they were all there for the festival after the walk.

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The march this year was a weak route, completely devoid of making any real impact other than a parade.  I cant see how a march of 50 odd people about something as ridiculous as abortion gets to run through the city streets, on a weekday no less, but we have to march through what is essentially a gay neighborhood to begin with.  We walk for our right to be free, whereas something like abortion has nothing to do with anyone except moral implications which really should be left up to the woman having the abortion and the doctor performing it.  I believe in the right to choose, especially when it comes to or own bodies.

That being said, I though it was the largest march I have seen in Cape Town and I was very impressed, not to mention extremely proud.

Well down to all that attended.  Congratulations to everyone who managed to make the walk possible – it was a goodie this year!  But next year, I think the community really needs to take pride back… away from the organizers at the moment and into our own hands.  But that is a conversation better left for a look at the Pride Festival.


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