Pride… the march… Part I

First the actual march – as this is the real point to the day, and although I was shocked not to see many familiar faces (where are those gays of the village?) I was somewhat mollified when I realised how big the community is passed the Atlantic Seaboard Suburb and add to that how many gay friendly supporters were there.  And I still cant believe that so many homo’s sit at home while straights are taking up the task of marching for our right to be gay and love freely.  So as far as pride is concerned, I was only embarrassed for how many Cape Tonians from the Seaboard actually participated… although you can be sure they were all there for the festival after the walk.

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The march this year was a weak route, completely devoid of making any real impact other than a parade.  I cant see how a march of 50 odd people about something as ridiculous as abortion gets to run through the city streets, on a weekday no less, but we have to march through what is essentially a gay neighborhood to begin with.  We walk for our right to be free, whereas something like abortion has nothing to do with anyone except moral implications which really should be left up to the woman having the abortion and the doctor performing it.  I believe in the right to choose, especially when it comes to or own bodies.

That being said, I though it was the largest march I have seen in Cape Town and I was very impressed, not to mention extremely proud.

Well down to all that attended.  Congratulations to everyone who managed to make the walk possible – it was a goodie this year!  But next year, I think the community really needs to take pride back… away from the organizers at the moment and into our own hands.  But that is a conversation better left for a look at the Pride Festival.



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