Pride… The Party… Second Part

As the march came to an end the crowd made there way to the village which had now been cornered off, essentially creating this W-shape in which to party in. With a stage at each end there was plenty of entertainment to go around however there did seem to be a rehash of themes throughout where in fact I wondered how entertaining lip syncing really is, personally.
But there are three artists worth mentioning that all seem to follow the same path… Mary Scary, Odidiva and Princess Pop. They follow the same path in the sense that all three characters are so well developed in who they are, where they are from and what they are all about. Add to that their performances are riddled with humor,satire and down right bitchiness.
Mary Scary is a pseudo lesbian rocker and as much as I am becoming a groupie I would still like to see her rock out a little more than she says she does. Skip the Pink and give us some real rock… And that’s just because I know she will rock my pants off! However, I still feel that Mary’s true gem in her performance lies in the ability to Suss the crowd and be an actual full on witty comedian. The song feels like the interlude, then she looks at you and tells you to fuck off – love her!
Odidiva is… Was, a self proclaimed diva but having watched her grow as an artist over the years and cumulating to this absolutely steller performance on Pride was amazing and she had earned her right to be crowned, not only a diva but The Diva. Managing to pull a few Whitney moments to the crowds pleasure of course. It was by far the best performance of the day.
Princess Pop is so over the top in a great way and I feel a kinda familiararity when I watch a performance. She is a Sandton koo down to the last drop. pop will never be enjoyable for me but I will take a good laugh wherever I can get it. Congrats ladies on some awesome stuff.

As for the festival on a whole… There was something capitalistic about it which I don’t mind because if we can put together better Prides then the more tourists will come. And pink money is good money. But with that capitalistic attitude comes certain expectations which are never really met. Maybe the organizers should go to a large scale festival like Rocking the Daisies or even something small like The Village and see what it means to put on a show. On the other hand it is the first Pride festival I have been to in Cape Town that was that good – I guess I just want to always aim for improvement than contentment. It was still a good one… However I will not compare it to a Johannesburgh Pride.

Looking forward to many more prides to come in the Mother City.


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