A theory.

So, back in the day it was illegal to partake in homosexual activities. So for years men have been struggling for their right to love freely. but things like glory holes, cottaging and park cruising is not something new. I’m sure it all really stems from the fact that one had to be completely discreet about it. So men would go to known cruising spots and wait for the next available man. Did they ever say no? Or was it a case of the next guy to give me the eye gets banged? I tend to believe that they were not picky and took whatever came along. Sometimes it was the most fantastic thing ever, other times it was a bigger let down than flocking to see any 3D film.

Now, that sort of callous anonymity has totally left the building. Things are free to be you and me… Or at least in the eyes of the law. But how does the older guys conduct effect our community today?

For one, which I am totally grateful for, it does have a clear line splitting the two generations. And any man born on or before 1980 is part of the older crowd I am talking about.
The second… These guys tend to have a sort of arrogance to the way they flirt at times, and not in that “working it” kind of way. rather they go in, so confident that they are going to get it And when they get turned down they completely flip out as if the man they were hitting on is not allowed a choice. Is it because back in the day there was no such thing as a choice? I’m not saying that older guys are arrogant for thinking they can hit on me, neither am I saying that younger guys think that there is always something better around the corner. What I am saying is, never get upset about being turned down. To the older men That get turned down and completely flip out, deal with it. It’s not all that horrific, it’s just a no. And to the guys that mmm, ahhh and ehhhh, just say no bro, some men can actually handle rejection. No biggie, right?

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