A Theory… Number two

We are told each and everyday to be vigilant in our sexual adventures in terms of safety… But how far should be take when we are in a relationship?
The answer is all the way to the damn clinic… Don’t fool yourself in thinking that love means not having to ask that difficult question. And. Understand at times one does not want to know the answer because of that said love…
So, let’s all adopt an attitude that everyone is positive. Everyone has something. And it is your responsibility to find out if they are in fact negative, if you want to know at all. Because tons of guys out there will lie to you. People reject positive people which is why I would imagine someone would lie about it. So if you go in thinking a person is positive already it might just give you a different perspective on how important your health is to you, how much you trust someone and how you actually treat people who are in fact positive.
On a personal note, I dated a man for two years. In that term I would always have blood tests done for good measure – a habit I picked up from varsity. I always came up negative and would tell him with the question “have you been tested”. To which the reply was always yes, and negative. Once the relationship dissipated I found out h e was positive. So at what point did I not take proper responsibility and to what degree was he flat out wrong? On one side it is hard to understand how a man that loves another would put him at risk, yet if the truth was revealed would I have stuck around…?
In the end, I feel it best to assume everyone is pos and it is up to us to work it down from there. and that outlook has given me a new perspective on what I actually do with my body and my heart.

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