Human rights day for South Africa

Yesterday was Human Rights day for all South Africans. What was once a remembrance of the sixty nine unarmed people that were killed in the 60’s in Sharpeville has somewhat transgressed into a remembrance of all the forced removals that began to take place during that time. Not only were black people removed but Indians, Coloureds and anyone who was not deemed white. So it is fair to share the focus of the turmoil of those times amongst all the area’s that were affected regardless of a shoot out or not.
Now, what would anger me are the headlines: “69 blacks were killed…”. Factually, yes that is the case, but in essence of what a day of remembrance is suppose to evoke from it’s people is a sense of unity and togetherness. However politically motivated lines such as this merely thicken that curtain between them and those. And that is not to say black and white but rather black and every other person living in South Africa. Would it be fair of anyone to say that sixty nine black people were gun downed by Afrikaans police force? Of course the facts may very well support such a statement, but when do the facts leave us disjointed in terms of preventing repeating the entire idea of violating our basic human rights? Separation with words, on paper, is no different from separating people in life.
I, for one, cannot believe that South Africans just gunned down other South Africans because of fear based and irrational hatred for the others skin. I cannot believe that South Africans would gather other South African families and just relocate them to an area far removed from the homes that they had grown to love as their own. And now, I cannot believe that the tone of blame is still so prevalent in speeches delivered by South Africans to South Africans about South Africans. Has the Truth and Reconciliation commission not come to a truth and reconcilement of past events, or are we (especially those born some thirty years after the Land Reformed Act was implemented) suppose to each feel differently about past events in terms of shame, guilt and victimization based on the colour of our skin.
When will that time come when we are all really free to be you and me, to love openly and without past prejudices and most importantly stand together as what we really are… Brothers and sisters of one country, of one amazing place that we all share, cherish and live from?

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