30 Rock…

I really love 30 Rock. It’s completely ridiculous with a clever touch of wit.
So without going on about the show, here’s some quotes from the fifth season that I am only now getting to watch:

“Where was your baby conceived?”
“In my vagina…”

“We’re not making our own Meth…? What is happening to American manufacturing!?”

“quit? I never quit anything in my life, I’m still in girl scouts, I have nine thousand badges…”

“I want my daughter to be born in America so she can become president and declare war on Germany, like back when we were awesome.”

“Yes Lemon, my baby is Canadian-American but I will love her as if she was a human baby.”

“How many mister rights does a woman meet? I met three and I blew them all… Opportunities

“Wonderful news non-famousness. My publicist just called from rehab…”

“This is a show about women for women, we should at least reflect women…ahhh, my period!!! You’re all fire!!!

“I support women, I’m like a human bra”

Looking forward to finishing the season…

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