Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall… I see a double yawn!

This was my initial response to the idea of making the classic Snow White and the Seven dwarfs into a film with over the top costumes and a childish approach to the story. In fact I was more than pleasantly surprised when I learned that the camp story was pushed to the max in order to bring the ever so subtle satire behind the dialogue to life.

Don’t let this one fool you, it’s a good laugh – and for all the right reasons.

The story starts off with an awesome little animation, to spite Julia Roberts infamous voice that breaks that suspension of disbelief, nonetheless I was hooked. Roberts pulls off a great performance as the deeply sarcastic evil queen, which transcends the tired story of an evil queen into one of a timeless tv show villain we all love to hate.
Nathan lane as the henchman – too good. His camp behavior is a far cry from the scary puppet who bends over backwards to please his evil queen. And again, the story manages to take the idea of the henchman and give him a fresh face.
Snow white – who on first appearance one thinks is this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Frida and the Seven Dwarfs, as her eyebrows are rather distracting – becomes a really wonderful character as she tries to fight back, giving a little bit more strength to that silly damsel in distress look.
One might think that the eye candy in the film will stem from the Prince but oh how wrong one would be for thinking like that. And cue my new little man-crush. One of the seven dwarfs called Wolf is so sexy. Damn that little man made me salivate and that was way before he exposed his beefy chest. Granted, I am a sucker for a beard but this little man is packed with muscle power that you too will find yourself thinking… I wonder what shagging a small he-man would be like? Kinda like having a horny smurf going at your body like a miniature power tool…

All in all, it’s a fun little film packed with great lines that are guaranteed a giggle, outfits that sparkle and amaze, and a cast worth watching till the end. So if you are in the mood for something lite and fun… And if you are one f those peeps that finds Julia Roberts funny, then this one is for you. But remember what film it is, family, so too early a viewing might include too many kids, too late a viewing might have too many adults. So go catch it with a blend of young and old to bring the magic of Mirror Mirror to life.

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2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Paul Myers says:

    Rather spend more precious quality time reviewing Manon at Cinema Nouveau. Luxurious, glamorous yet elegant. Music, costume, sets, good looking actors; what more could one aspire to?

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