To Mothers with Love

I woke up this morning with the realization that mothers day is tomorrow and I am yet to think of an appropriate way to thank her. God knows the all too familiar relationship a homo has with his mother, and although this may be a stereotype, in my case it is not.
Mid afternoon creeped on in and I realized that I need to better understand what it is about my mother I really love as apposed to the mere fact that she gave birth to me almost thirty years ago.

I have not actually been around my mother for some time, in fact it feels close to a year for so many reasons. Arriving in kwazulu natal airport, King Skaka, it was a breath of fresh air however, as fresh as the air may have been it is a familiar one. And so many happy thoughts ran through my mind as the onset of familial nostalgia starts to take route. the two hour shuttle to my mothers home was the perfect opportunity to seize the pisceans gift for imagination.

By the time I arrive in her town I am elated to see her and rekindle the youth that is so far behind me. And it was only a few minutes before the reason for my undoubted affection for her starts to become prevalent.

She is by far the coolest mother. She is so rad and in the most conservative way.

The night was warm and the ocean was murmuring it’s soft somber song, I was standing with a glass of red – so smooth I barely remember the name – and some soft jams were twirling out of the speakers. We chatted about work and the future. My dad. But most importantly we spoke of men. I have a mother cool enough who sits through my stories of dating disasters and self inflicted broken heart syndrome, and all the while providing enough advice to keep my heart from turning bitter.

So in the end I figure the perfect gift would be to show her how awesome I think she is…
Creating a meal that she would love – For all the times she fed me…
Mixing cocktails she can’t refuse – to keep her as jovial as she has kept me…
Make as many jokes to make her as happy as she makes me…
And writing her something to read that sums up the awe I feel before her.

Here’s to all the mothers… Happy happy for today and everyday…

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