Flash Fiction

I lived inside this very dark hole. It was in the rocks along the beach. A damp, dark and hard hole that became my home like a shell, almost cocooning me, that I would be able to transform after inhabiting it. I didn’t always live in this hole. I kinda went out and found it for myself. A hiding place even. But life would push it to more than a place of malevolent solace, a temple for the release of pent up angst. Life would have a very different blueprint when it constructed that temporary home. And temporary it was.

My village is at the top of a very green hill that overlooks the ocean which seems to constantly shimmer an intense blue with the most brilliant while lines of foam from the crashing waves since The Storm. Everything is much better since The Storm actually. The hills green thicket became more lush and plush, inviting you to roll around in it, gazing up at the sky. But The Storm was more than just a storm. It was as if the gods were fueled with rage and they split the sky open, decorating it with bright fire and hard ice and cracking the earth beneath us with a terrifying rumble. The crack split our village in two. And that’s where it all started to go a rye. That is where the the world just split in two.

The village has been my home since I could remember. A bunch of neatly clumped thatched homes, all huddled together on a hilltop with a dirt road down the middle of the village towards the sea. My home was at the End of that road. It was the perfect home. I feel the energy of the centre of the village all the while staring out at the ocean without another hut to block the view. The hut was by no means the best. In fact it was one of the oldest ones there but it had enough room for me to tend to my two passions. On one side my home opened onto an established garden. Beautiful, lush and constantly in fruition and all it required was my time, patience and love. On the other of my home was the only library in the village. Books where so hard to come by but all that could be found in the village was there. And it was my world of knowledge.

The morning of The Storm, it was clear that it was going to storm, I frantically ran around from side to side making sure that I secured both sides as best I could. I wanted both sides so I worked my ass off to try keep both sides and the weather put up quite a battle. She roared and rumbled, flashed some light and blew a blizzard but my tenacity to have it all proved far stronger and the weather began to retreat as she realized she had been defeated. But had she? Or was that all part of her plan?

The earth turned soft from the rain and ice. All around us became extremely fragile and any movement caused a shift in the ground beneath our feet. Suddenly the ground rumbled and in a flash the floor began to tear, ripping right down the middle of the village, down the street and through the middle of my home. It all happened so quickly that I did not think about which side to jump to. Which side needed me. And I fell.

when I woke up everything I knew was in absolute mayhem. Everything I knew was split in two. And slowly the village will follow suite.

I couldn’t. I couldn’t choose which side to be on so I retreated to the hole, in the rocks. The cold, hard and damp spot I use to come to for some quiet somber time where I could also let off some steam. The place I use to come to think, and judge. And I have been living in my hole since The Storm.

Today I want to come out of my hole. Today I want to stop living in this dark, damp and hard place I created for myself. And today is the first day I will leave…

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