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My “Fellow” South Africans: Putting it Straight

I want to point something out: It was once illegal to be a gay.

I wake up everyday to find a new twenty something black writer crying about the past injustices and I can’t help myself from thinking, “I’m gay, so technically I can cry about past injustices too?”
I don’t get any extra pay for being gay, so why should you for being black?
I don’t get any special privileges for being gay, so why should you for being black?
And I certainly don’t get any special preference, to spite the fact that affirmative action should be serving me first as a person from a true minority group, so why should you for being black?

So why don’t I ever use the gay card to further myself… Because I can do it on my own. I don’t need special pay or a little stepping stone to advance in my career. And getting it based on sexual preference will not help me achieve personal fulfillment in my career choice. I want to work hard. I want to advance and I want to know it was all because of me. It’s called achievement, and yes without actually ever achieving anything (and it was just given) I don’t think a person can appreciate it whole heartedly.

Why don’t I ever cry about past injustices? Because I was not personally subjected to them. I was born in the eighties, which means that while i was learning to put on my own pants the country was changing. In fact when democracy finally came to our shores so did the beginning of puberty, so anyone in my generation complaining about past injustices just reads as someone who cant do it on their own or for themselves. And although the hatred did filter down and school was by no means easy for this gay kid, I was not one of those men who were subject to torture back in apartheid, so using it today as my own personal plight is just a cowards way of standing up for myself.

And, if you are white and you think I am with you based on that fact you have totally missed the point.

My point is, white, black… It doesn’t matter, you are all straight. To us, proud gays, your are all in the same pot. Colour the skin which ever way you want in the end, I still see you as straight.

So while you complain about racial slurs and a silly painting, corrupt officials and misleading representatives (as if this is something new) I’ll do my best to prevent another person from being raped and/or killed simply for being who they were born to be. Ill do my best to ensure that we, the LGBTI community, can live as authentic as possible without fear from the “breeders”. And I’ll remember the last lines in our national anthem which should sum up who we are as South Africans without any confusion, “let us live and strive for freedom, in South Africa OUR Land”

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My First Gay Colouring Book

So once in a while a writer puts down the pen – or rather puts the keyboard away – and picks up a pencil. Its that time when painting a picture beats painting a story and from 2H to 4B all shades are important.
But I’m in the mood for a little nostalgia. Something to take me back. Something edging me away from aging.
Remember being a kid?
Remember going to the restaurants and coloring in?
Remember all the gay pictures we had to bring to life with colours? Oh, wait….

So here it is, My First Gay Colouring Book:







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