Malva Fool

It’s a simple enough dessert that warms you up. But I have never known how to make it. So finally I went on search for a recipe to make a malva pudding:

I took two thirds of a cup of milk and mixed a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Then I added a cup and a third of self-raising flour. Along with that I threw in two teaspoons of fig jam, a pinch of salt, two eggs, a teaspoon of butter and a third of a cup of sugar. Splashing some caramel essence in for some fun. Poured it into a greased oven proof dish and slipped it into the warmed up square box @ one eighty degrees celsius.

Left it in there for close to twenty five minutes.
But five minutes before that I warmed up a cup of (each) water, butter, cream and sugar.

As soon as the piping hot sponge came out the oven I drenched it in the melted sauce.
Let it sit for a few minutes.

Then dug in and gained the extra kilos to see me through the rainy cold.

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