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That’s Just Fuckin’ Shameless

It has blown me away, and not in that explosive kind of way, it’s more of the perverted filthy on-his-knees in a dirty bathroom kind of blown away and I loved every second of it.
To sum it up in one line: it’s about a drunk, useless father and the many kids that live like rats trying to get by in life as best they can.

What makes it watchable?

The humor. It’s really funny to spite the fact that I cringe every time Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, is in a shot. The man is just repulsive and Mr Macy pulls off the best role I have ever seen him do, I am just flawed at his ability to make this character, this repugnant and repellant character, into someone great… No, let’s not go that far. He is completely watchable, like eyes glued to his every movement and ears pert, soaking up every sound that comes from his lips kind of watchable. The reason for this is because he made a person I could so easily dismiss with the flick of a channel into a human being that I believe exists in this world, and that grabs my attention, this man that is so far removed from the man I am and how he can become very relatable, and I find myself not sympathizing for him but wanting him to get up, wipe the puke from his face and get away with his shit, to only continue with his shit. So now the most important question is, do I even want Frank to clean up his act?

What makes it astounding?

As the season came to an end the three factors that make this better than anything else on television that I have been privileged o watch boils down to three great stories, the big sister, the little sister and the gay brother.
The Big Sister:
Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum, is a compelling character to follow. I find myself wanting to feel sorry for her but the tough, strong and tenacious character that she is does not allow for pity. Not even from the audience. Fiona glues all these ratty little parts of a scrubby family together without being the mom. There is a mom. She’s not around much, but it’s better that way. Back to Fiona, she is tough, on herself and everyone in the home but I just love her the most. If I were a guest at the Gallagher home I would probably have been invited by her, so I like her.
The Little Sister:
Debbie Gallagher, played by Emma Kenney, is the most objective way of looking at the family in terms of any validity in their existence. She embodies the moral compass of this story but evokes this through the eyes of a child mixed with a sort of widened outlook on life. So why is she so astounding to watch, seems like she might be the boring part of the story. One reason, this entire season Debbie has been on the same path without emotion to really veer her off. But by the end all that build up of emotion that is accumulating in this little nine year old girl crumbles into one of the most honest and raw sob moment. And when I am moved by a television program it’s worth taking note.
The Gay Brother:
Why? For the obvious, he goes around shagging other guys. But he is young, so it’s not really the lascivious nature of watching these hook ups, it’s the idea that guys are doing things younger, and in my opinion at the proper age. He does things that I -sort of- did, only I was in my twenties. So it’s just interesting to see his development in his environment. Plus his hook-ups are always so scandalous. His name is Ian Gallagher and he is played by Cameron Monaghan.

What makes it memorable?

It’s unbelievable at sucking some of the strangest plot pieces out of nowhere, shocking me, embarrassing me, making me laugh and then drizzling the entire moment in humanity. This show s filled with humanitarian moments that surpass any other family related show before. Shameless transcends from white trash shenanigans to elegiac poetry that’s far more relatable than I care to admit to myself.


30 Rock…

I really love 30 Rock. It’s completely ridiculous with a clever touch of wit.
So without going on about the show, here’s some quotes from the fifth season that I am only now getting to watch:

“Where was your baby conceived?”
“In my vagina…”

“We’re not making our own Meth…? What is happening to American manufacturing!?”

“quit? I never quit anything in my life, I’m still in girl scouts, I have nine thousand badges…”

“I want my daughter to be born in America so she can become president and declare war on Germany, like back when we were awesome.”

“Yes Lemon, my baby is Canadian-American but I will love her as if she was a human baby.”

“How many mister rights does a woman meet? I met three and I blew them all… Opportunities

“Wonderful news non-famousness. My publicist just called from rehab…”

“This is a show about women for women, we should at least reflect women…ahhh, my period!!! You’re all fire!!!

“I support women, I’m like a human bra”

Looking forward to finishing the season…

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