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Born This Way?

An article on news24 sparked my interest about the pros of having gay parents but the comments fueled the rage. A man by the name of Gary – who has an unhealthy obsession with the anus – spurted a whole bunch of homophobic junk in the idea that we are not born this way. To which I replied that my gayness and his ugliness (yeah, I did a little Facebook stalk and saw that Gary is not only ugly, but fat, and has 73 friends) are directly attributed to the same thing, genetics.

Now before you start raving about the gay gene let me say there is no such thing, but on top of that, genetics is such a highly complex compound that naming it as a simplified noun couldn’t be further from the truth. Now there are a certain amount of genetic strands that will start to build this new life and many of which will give an inclination towards homosexuality but not necessarily ensuring that the zygote in question will turn out homosexual, I mean why are some girls complete whores and others complete saints? The answer may stem from genetics.

Now if genes make up a certain amount of a persons predisposition then societal norms and familial dispositions would directly effect a child’s mannerisms, behavior and style choices, which is why we have burly, beefy bears and mincing, flapping queens who still do the same thing – suck dick – both gay but with different upbringings.

A study was done a few years ago in Italy where they took a few families where there is one son with more than one daughter and measured the difference, if any, between the two. What came up interesting was that the families with one straight son, the daughters had few or no children compared to the families who had one gay son, the daughters had more children. What does this say? That the “gay” genetics are not necessarily about homosexuality but about the attraction to men. Seeing how the gay son was attracted to men (obviously) that same genetic attribute spilled over onto the girls in the family and they in turn breed like flies – those girls just couldn’t get enough man action.

So with all this research One is left to wonder how can a man like Gary still believe in what he is saying. His reply : “God said this, and God wants that…” and I slowly died a little inside. I may be a spiritual person, but it’s a private thing and I will never even try explain my beliefs to another human being, let alone use them to support an argument. And the idea that a man can tell me what God likes and doesn’t, makes me feel like I am living in never never land, with Dorothy, spinning golden thread, waiting for a prince to kiss me and wake me from a comatose sleep… Basically I feel like I just ate a bunch of crazy pills.

By the end I realized that there are so many synonyms for stupidity, homophobic being one of them. And only stupidity tries to have a sensical debate with stupidity – so that’s where I caught the one way sanity train out of crazy Jesusville back to gay town…


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