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Taking Us Back Old School Style…

If there was ever a time you found yourself swimming through deep beats on a dark dance floor back in the early naughties then you were one of those true fans of deep house. And as I sit back and look at all the clubs around me I wonder where is the DEEP house still prevalent?
Maybe it’s because deep house is fairly non existent with new artists of today… Until I stumbled onto The Field with their new album Looping State Of Mind. The album begins with a high toned synth that slowly rolls into a paced bass line carried there by a systematic, stamping beat. And the first track, Is This Power, should hit a nerve when it comes to that old school, deep bass beats that we so love.
The music seems to flow more or less the same from that tone until you are met with the trippy title song, Looping State of Mind, and you are going to love it. It feels like a slow mix of ragga influenced beats that makes you want to lift your knees as you swoop around the room dancing. It will definitely hit that African feel we all love so much without taking it into that crazy, I need to drink a six pack to handle this jungle fever, kinda vibe africanism leaves you with. So, brothers and sisters, take this one in the only way deep house allows you to take it in… Deeply.
Which brings us to the most stunning song of them all. A piano accompanied little gem that is far more emotionally driven with a sense of epic proportion than all the other tracks on offer. It might remind you of some of Moby’s late nineties tracks where the piano and a soft, somber beat dance in perfect unison together. It almost draws a tear as the music reaches out to it’s immediate atmosphere and turns it into one of euphoric perplexities.
The last track… Let’s just say it’s the last track, end of that.
But the entire seven track album is totally worth your while. If you feel the need to see what ever happened to deep house, this is where it went guys. This is it’s development as a genre of music and compared to some other genres from the dance world I am eager to say that the development of deep house is totally like a bottle of wine, aging, maturing and now displaying something very cerebral in an unexpectedly beautiful manner.

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Do, do do, do-da, do-da

The bass that bounces from a sexy voice…
An imploding tap that manages to tick tock to the end…
Strings, harp? ding, ding, grrrring, ding
And still that voice is relentlessly bouncing on top of me…
and just as it dissipates into a sort of calm, a sax…the sax
Oh how it moans and groans at me…

Keep Me There – is the title of the song and appropriately so. It’s a song that urges you to hold it, keep it in, like tantric dancing. Don’t let it go, build it up, keep it simmering, don’t ever stop and never ever peak. It’s a really delicious song that encourages you to take a listen over and over again and then recreate a sort of scene in ones head that perfectly reflects exactly how the song makes you feel. For me it’s dancing… Albeit with a strong sexual undercurrent, but since when was dancing not a fluid act that demands sexual undercurrent?

Nicolaas Jaar’s 2011 album Space is Only Noise is worth a listen, but as many lyric-less music it tends to sort of blend together to form a jovial, easy listening sort of album. But Keep Me There is one that stands out and bashes me on my groove spine with a rhythm stick that sends little dancing quivers of sensual vibrations up and down my body. Every nerve is alive with a pent up explosion of dance euphoria.

So check it out.

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