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The Hunger Games of the KZN Coastline

“Only two will be chosen Heather. Only two from each school”
“Do you think it will be me mama? How do you know who gets chosen?”
“When you are ready, my darling, you will be chosen. But don’t think too much about it now,” and for a few more days the sardines will not know. The waters’ temperature will determine how many will be chosen and Heather’s mom was just sugar coating it, more so for herself, she did not want Heather to go.
A few days later and the waters temperatures are perfect. It is announced that almost all will be attending the run this year. And all show up, swimming from far off schools to be part of the greatest migration this far south, putting the great Nigerian migration to shame.

Millions of sardines are about to run the coast of South Africa, and it’s one of the most spectacular events spanning over two months – if you’re lucky.

So how does it start? It’s not really known.
Why does it occur? Not really known.
Ok, How do they get back? Don’t know.

So basically, my story is like scientific data of the sardine run – a great migration that is by no means a secret.
Except poor little Heather is going to die on this very large Hunger Game, seeing that the Hunger here are sharks and dolphins, giant whales and speeding fish. Good luck Heather. As for your return if you finish? Well dare I say it… I don’t care. The side show attraction is the real attraction, and once the fish and swimming mammal dissipate, so does my attention.

The season smells like it’s going to be a goodie and it’s not only that pungent salty miff that wafts past my nostrils every once in a while, but the cool chill in the air that cools my air passage down which means that the waters temperature while be kept low. Ideal for the sardines to gather and sprint their little asses off.
With the sighting of a few sperm whale already, the outcome looks promising for more and more. I have a pair of binoculars but with them coming so close to shore there is only one thing to do

Time to grab the camera click click


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